Monday, April 27, 2009

Strings International Music Festival Announces New Programs for 2009

Strings International Music Festival Music Camp is pleased to announce the addition of some wonderful new programs for the 2009 season.

Strings now includes the following new programs (so tell all your friends):

1. Harp program - The program, designed for harp players of all skill levels from 13 - 18 years of age, will include weekly private lessons, daily harp ensemble, flute and harp choir, or orchestra rehearsals, daily chamber music rehearsals (including duets for harp and flute or harp and piano), a concerto competition, master classes, daily required private practice, a group trip to a Philadelphia Orchestra concert, a concentrated private practice seminar, and much more!

2. Flute program - The flute program includes lessons with Mr. Loren Lind, Flutist, Philadelphia Orchestra. All flute students will receive a minimum of two private lessons with Mr. Loren Lind of The Philadelphia Orchestra.

3. College auditions preparations program - Join Kimberly Fisher - whose lecture series and presentations make up the heart of this special Juniors and Seniors Only program. She has won five consecutive auditions with The Philadelphia Orchestra - ranging from The Philadelphia Orchestra substitute list to the position she currently holds as Principal Second Violinist. Ms. Fisher's energetic, communicative teaching style has led to invitations to present master classes, chamber music coaching’s, and audition preparation seminars around the world and she has inspired the creation of “Drumstring Publishing,” which features innovative arrangements and educational materials for string players. With an intensive daily schedule (including a minimum of four hours private practice daily) participation in this program could provide the perfect preparation for the highly-competitive world of college auditions.

4. Piano Studies Program - Designed for intermediate to advanced level pianists, will include two lessons weekly with Hugh Sung, Director of Instrumental Accompaniment and Student Recitals at The Curtis Institute of Music, Daily Chamber Music Coachings, Two Piano Master Classes with Hugh Sung, Daily Music Theory, Four-Hand Literature, or Sight Reading Classes, a Piano Technology Class with Hugh Sung, four hours of required daily private practice, a concerto competition, solo performance option, and much more.

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