Thursday, April 16, 2009

SIMF Video Contest!!!!

Strings International Music Festival Facebook Video Contest

Hey all you talented musicians out there. Whether New Strings, Strings Alumni, Parents, or Prospective Strings... be sure to check out our Facebook page!!

We've upped the ante!! Please see the revised contest details below!


Post your video (or your child’s video) on our Facebook page for a chance to win a $500 scholarship to the Strings International Music Festival (if already registered for SIMF 2009, the scholarship will be applied to 2010. New students may apply the scholarship to 2009 OR 2010), and the opportunity of posting your winning performance on the SIMF homepage!

Posted videos will be judged by the Strings International Music Festival's Facebook Fans (so if you're not a fan - sign-up!). Videos must be posted by May 22nd to be considered. Each voting Fan must email with "VOTE" in the subject line by June 1st with their #1 top pick. Votes will be tallied, and the winner will be announced at the 2009 Strings International Music Festival Opening Recital, Sunday, June 14th (winner does not need to be present)!

Simply click here to be brought to the contest (or click the link below):

Please do not post any opinions or votes of the videos on the actual Facebook page – any such postings will be deleted and not considered.

Contestants may be of any age. There are no age-categories for this video event. Repertoire requirements: One work or portion (such as a movement) of the participant’s choosing, no more than four minutes in length. Performances may be accompanied or unaccompanied and must be performed by memory.

Pass this along to any talented musician you know that might be interested in the contest and Strings International Music Festival as well! Thank you and good luck!!

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