Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ranaan Meyer...

Strings International Music Festival's faculty member, and accomplished musician, Ranaan Meyer, has made yet another accomplishment in his musical career. Ranaan has been known at the Strings International Music Festival for quite a few summers now, first teaching alongside Hal Robinson, Principal Bass of The Philadelphia Orchestra, and then heading the double bass program at Strings. Ranaan is also well known for his fabulous, and famous string trio, Time for Three, for which he is the bassist and composer.

Ranaan Meyer has now started a summer workshop called Classical Jam Band. The program with Classical Jam Band is from August 10-15th, and is a residency program held at North Central Michigan College on the campus of the Bay View Music Festival.

The program at Classical Jam Band is a week-long music experience of collaboration and creativity in which students will form their own musical ensembles. All musicians attending will be taught improvisation, arranging and composing as an ensemble, as a “jam band,” by Ranaan Meyer. Groups will create original music and new arrangements. They will practice these skills within the framework of their prior musical experience and learn to apply them to their classical playing. They will perform for their colleagues as well as in open performances for the Bay View audiences.


Step 1: study alongside members of The Phildelphia Orchestra at the Strings International Music Festival in order to practice and improve upon your technique and classical styling. The Strings International Music Festival's 2009 dates are June 13-26.. Limited spaces are still available, and when requesting information, be sure to inquire about the available scholarships.

Step 2: study alongside Ranaan Meyer at Classical Jam Band, and take your improved skills and styling and further them yet again, learning improvisation and composing.

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